After Speechcraft we are back to regular schedule!



Last meeting on Wednesday April 9th we had two speeches, one by Monica Malhotra and the second one by Kris Krishna. Monica gave a wonderful speech on stress management called “Put the glass down”. It was from the Competent Communications Manual.

Kris gave a speech on “Wind Energy Producibility” as part of the “Technical Presentations” from the Advanced Communication Series Manual.

Wendy Marano evaluated Monica’s speech and Whitney Zeldow evaluated Kris’ speech

Don Howell was Table Topics Master on the topic of “Earthquakes”. Yumi Kushi was the General Evaluator, Yas Osako the Timer and Soaliha Lakhani the Ah counter. 

Jean Kilroy was the Toastmaster for the day and she awarded the La Palma Trophy to Kris Krishna, pictured above!

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