Current President at La Palma Toastmasters

Being a Toastmasters Member has truly changed the course in my professional career and enhanced my personal life in providing a safe space to practice my communication skills.  What I was not aware of initially in being a Member are were the many other benefits I have received which includes d becoming a better listener, practicing leadership skills, an opportunity to work with the youth on their skills, inspiring other Members and feeling camaraderie with the La Palma Toastmasters club. The benefits of Toastmasters are endless and the best decision I have made in this journey was showing up to my first meeting.

2020-2021 La Palma Toastmasters President

Let’s hang out

Entertainer and mood-lifter to weary individuals.

As a speaker, listener, and collaborator, La Palma Toastmasters has improved my communication skills exponentially. It reminds me of sports. One does not become a good athlete simply by exercising and playing. Countless hours are spent on studying and analyzing film both of yourself and other players. That is where Toastmasters is essential to becoming a great speaker. Not only do you receive opportunities and great constructive feedback on your own communication skills, but you also get to see other people of all different skill levels exercise their own communication skills while helping them out in return. I have nothing but positive things to say about La Palma Toastmasters. The vibe is positive, supportive, and uplifting and can help anyone improve their communication skills exponentially.